Make Fresh Water

Make Fresh Water


People need water when we are thirsty we drink this is normal or not ?

Not for 3 billion people around the world

These people have no access to fresh water or the Water is dirty or makes them sick.

what can we do ??? I will tell you we make fresh water!

what !!!

Yes we can make fresh Water. Everyone knows it the principle to make fresh water every day we see them in the kitchen.

With the 3D Printing technology we have now the chance to make fresh water all over the world.

But let me Start with the principle of the Water Maker.


The Water Maker has three simple parts - 1- The Body - 2- The hopper - 3- The cap



First we fill the dirty water into the body and set the funnel on it.


Now with the help of the sun it become hot and hoter inside the funnel like the greenhouse effect. The temperature reached up to 85°C inside the funnel.



Now the water begins to vaporize.The Steam can´t escape because the funnel is closed and slowly it starts to build condensed water on the surface of the funnel.


Because the special shape of the funnel the condensed water flows into the collecting pool.



Thats it we have distilled water. But the water needs a little bit salt because distilled water has no minerals.



Thats the Idea of the Water Maker.


Now i need your help. Please share this Blog with your friends and family. Maybe there is someone how can made this Water Maker and give it to the people in the third world or without access to clean water.

I dont wanna make money with this project !

I do this only with the goal to help people !

I now that is possible to print this Water Maker with a 3D Printer.

Under this download Link you can get the CAD Files (STEP,IGES,SLT) of the Water Maker.


The body of the Water Maker must be printed in Black,

The funnel must be transparent.

The Plastic must be uv resistant and temperature resistant up to 90°C.

Thank You !!!

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